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  The Air-Heater - Typ LE-6565/2  

Area of application:
Air heaters are usually used in the industrie range for the up-sprayed by hot glue.
Manufacturers of diapers and similar products use such air heaters, to the up-sprayed hot glue. The splicing tape on a diaper is thus realized.

At present these air heaters are
available with three power ranges:
• 945 Watt
• 1050 Watt
• 1200 Watt
The voltage is designed according
to your specifications.

To avoid damage, please observe
the following instructions.

Air-Heater Typ LE-6565/2
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a) Heating
When ordering please note your local voltage. Excess-voltage can shorten the life of the heating elements. The ratio of voltage and output is shown below:

220 Volt - 51,2 Ohm - 945 Watt = 100% output
230 Volt - 51,2 Ohm - 1033 Watt = 109% output
240 Volt - 51,2 Ohm - 1125 Watt = 119% output
250 Volt - 51,2 Ohm - 1221 Watt = 129% output

We recommend that orders are placed for air heaters with your local rated voltage; the appliances will then work for years without damage to the heating elements.

b) Control
The air heaters are fitted with two temperature feelers (Pt100).
1. For limiting; this protects the heating core from overheating
2. For control; this controls the thermostat which controls the temperature in the heating unit outlet

It must be noted that because of the tension releas in the air at the point of application, the temperature difference between the air outlets and the point of application is greater, the greater the difference in pressure between these two points.

In addition there is the temperature loss through radiation from the air pipes between the air heater and the point of application. For this reason the thermostat must always be set higher by the amount of this temperature loss.

Never attempt to,
increase the temperature by switching off the feeler for limiting the temperature.
By doing this you risk destroying the heating core.

However, you can switch off the feeler for controlling temperature and carry out temperature control using the feeler for temperature limiting.
Maximum control setting: 350oC.

c) Operation Note
A temperature controller for air heater with temperature preselection

We are pleased to now be able to offer a simple temperature control for Air-Heater-Modul with a capacity of up to 1100 W. Through a plug-in pre-assembly, the temperature control can locally be installed directly near the Air-Heater-Modul.
The temperature sensors contained in Air-Heater-Modul (PT100 ) are evaluated and thereby serve as a sensor and as a limit value monitoring.

The limit switches to the desired temperature for the respective sensors is determined . The sensor located in the air flow measured at an interval of 2 seconds , the temperature , and compares them with the predetermined target value. If the temperature exceeds the setpoint, the heater is turned off. If the hysteresis occurs below an activation of the heating.
The housing sensor operates as a limit sensor. Has Exceeding this limit ( max. 350 ° C) an immediate shutdown of the heating results in order to avoid damage to the air heater.

The temperature measurement has, when using Pt100 sensors, a tolerance of ± 0.2 % of measured value, which is about ± 0.5 K.