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  CO2 Flash Evaporator - KSE18  

Description of the apparatus:
The CO2-Flash Evaporator, also called
CO2 Expander Unit, consists in its main parts of:
- a gas outlet nozzle
- a gas inlet
- the tension reliever
- the baffle plate
- and the housing for the electrical connections.

All parts are made out of an Al alloy.
The KSE18 is absolutely maintenance-free.
CO2-Flash Evaporator - KSE18
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The drill holes for tension release must have a cross section and length sufficient for the tension realease of the isotherms 293 K under normal conditions.
Transfer of required thermal energy takes place by means of stationary thermal conduction from the heating elements to the drill holes. The unstressed gas is then turned around at the end of the tension release drill holesto take up the residual heat and led back through drill holes close to the outside shell of the tension reliever (CO2 Expander Unit - KSE18).
A temperature limiter is provided by the manufacturer for temperature monitoring, so that the maximum permitted temperature for the appliance parts is not exceeded.

Between the liquid gas inlet and the gas inlet there is a needle vale, dimensions DN8, PN400, as a check valve and volume control valve.
A checking device behind the gas outlet nozzle is only permissible there is a savety valve with sufficient release capacity between the gas outlet and the checking device.

- The CO2-Expander Unit (KSE18) is absolutely maintenance-free
- Preheating is not required for starting