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  The working current for the KSE18 is dependent countries  

Other countries other tensions

In the equipment construction there are many DIN standards, however there is no uniform standard within the range of the tension technology and/or for the working current in over 180 states this world. For this reason we conceived the KSE18 in such a way that one can adapt the operating voltage to those of the respective country. Which tensions were considered by us to date with success, infer from request of the following table.

CO2-Expander Unit - KSE18
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The table will be continued soon
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Country Working Current Equipment
Egypt500 VoltCO2-Expander Unit - KSE18
Germany400 VoltCO2-Expander Unit - KSE18
Mexico500 VoltCO2-Expander Unit - KSE18
Poland380 VoltCO2-Expander Unit - KSE18