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After decades of successful manufacture of our CO2-pressure reducing system, having undergone continual improvements within details over the years, we considered it necessary to conceive an entirely new edition, mainly adopted to the best available (state-of-the-art) technology.

The result is the CO2-flash evaporator KSE18

    CO2-Flash Evaporator
CO2-Expander Unit - KSE18
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While the power ratings of the CO2-pressure reducing systems KSE100 and KSE18 are equal, the latter weighs 20Kg, which just represents the sixth part of the former mass, and measures only the fourth part of the former overall height.

Further advantages of the CO2-pressure reducing system KSE18:
• No fluid is needed as heat carrier for heat transmission.
• It's not a pressure reservoir and does not exhibit any welded joints.
• The CO2-flash evaporator KSE18 is absolutely maintenance-free.

If you should be interested in this execution and wish further technical information, then you use our
» contact form « nevertheless. You receive then as soon as possible further detailed and/or technical data to the KSE18 as well as a complete offer.